Sabrina Merayo Nunez


    I do one of kind collectible furniture reusing furniture discarded in the streets of NYC (BTW, did you know it's 950 tons per week?), antique objects, instruments, scraps, and sustainable materials.

    I guess there are already enough objects in the world, so I take them all and use them to create my pieces.. My studio is a hilarious cabinet of curiosities where all materials and techniques collide. I love 18th century mechanical furniture; analogical objects, the eclectic Victorian, the handmade trace, the Brother's Quay, Svankmajer

and all the objects that tell stories.

   I'm a Visual Artist & Furniture Maker. I moved to NYC from Argentina in 2018, with a background in art, restoration, cabinet maker, antiques and design.

My work has been exhibited in art biennials, museums, art and design fairs in Latin America, Europe and the United States.